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Lee Shaw

When I was in my early 20’s I made my living as a roofer.  I have owned rental property for over 23 years now and have flipped several houses.  I have done most of my own maintenance work and of course I roof all my own rentals and investment properties.

Most of the roofs I’ve installed were composition shingles, a few shake shingles and most recently metal roofs that look like composition shingles.

I Know Roofs

Roof inspections are to determine its integrity, how long it may last, any immediate concerns and  when it will need to be replaced.

Home is Right is looking at:

  • The overall appearance of the roof is important aesthetically, it is also a good indicator of what to expect physically. Not only the condition of the exterior but also the interior is inspected looking for indications of surface deterioration or signs of physical damage and proper shingle installation.
  • The condition of the fascia, gutters, drains, skylights, chimneys, vents and even the drip edge if any are examined.
  • The evidence of curled, broken or missing shingles is easy to spot.  Some damage isn’t as easy to notice but it takes a very small hole to let in a lot of water, some of which may go unnoticed until major damage has occurred.
  • Some roofs may have areas where water may collect, like roof valleys.  These areas will be noted in your easy to read report along with any damage or missing flashing.
  • Where Parapet walls meet the roof line (as in the photo below) to see if the siding materials are properly flashed and if siding that wicks (like wood) are to close to the shingles allowing moisture deterioration and costly repairs. This is a common mistake.
  • The interior for any evidence of ceiling cracks, current leaks or past stains that will reflect more detail about the roof and any area needing special attention.

There could be subtle signs of problems that only a well-trained inspector would notice and it should be noted that climbing a ladder and getting on a roof …can be dangerous…

Because of this inherit danger the home inspection industry does not require inspectors to walk on roofs. Inspectors can examine roofs from the ground or from standing on ladders at the roof’s edge.

Although this is the safest and sometimes the only way one can examine a roof because of either the roof is too steep to safely  walk, unsafe weather conditions or by doing so may cause more harm than good due to the roofs condition or the roof material itself. When possible and can safely be done, I will walk the roof because it’s the best way to do  roof inspections and from my past experience I am comfortable doing so.

Since I’ve been a roofer and am comfortable being up on roofs I deem safe to walk adds to my ability to do …a more thorough inspection for you

You as the homeowner should want to know the condition, longevity and any potential near future financial cost of maintenance or replacement.  Because useful knowledge can … Save You Money …

Plus, you don’t want to be burdened with repair cost you weren’t expecting, and you also don’t want to sell a home to a family and put them in the same unexpected financial dilemma.

Roof inspections simply aren’t that expensive and Home is Right can give you documentation on the roofs condition to have for yourself, your lenders, your insurance carrier, potential buyers and any repairmen needed.

Order Your Inspection now with Home is Right.

A scheduled inspection can alert homeowners and buyers to a problem before potential damage worsens over time and gets more expensive to repair every day.

Roof inspection typically last 45 minutes to an hour and Home is Right will produce for you documentation with photographs describing any issues in great detail.

Make Sure Your Home Is Right

Home is Right specializes in producing detailed, written documentation on the condition of roofs.

The National home Builders Association recommends homeowners have their roof inspected every three years.

"Out of sight, out of mind."

Most homeowners won’t schedule a roof inspection unless they’re forced to through the process of a Real Estate transaction or have an obvious problem or maybe after reading this article.

As a member of InterNACHI here’s some of the courses that are provided with detailed training:

  • How to Perform a Roof Inspection Course
  • 10 Steps to Performing a Roof Inspection
  • General Roof Inspection Training Videos
  • Inspecting Metal Roofs
  • Inspecting Slate Roofs
  • Inspecting Tile Roofs
  • Inspecting Wood Shingle and Shake Roof
  • Safety Ladder Training and more.

With all this additional training and some not mentioned plus my already extensive roof knowledge from being in the roofing industry makes me well versed in the ability to identify areas of concern that might otherwise go unnoticed until too late.

Start out Right

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