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Pre-Inspection vs Buyer's Home Inspection

Let me start by saying that some homeowners don’t do a Pre-Inspection because one they’re not aware of them and the importance of having one for your potential buyers and/or two they don’t think they need one.  Sophisticated home buyers today are going to want a Professional Home Inspection before they make the final decision to buy.

Seller’s can’t avoid inspection now

So, You may as well Take Control

Sellers chooses inspector

Seller vets report

Why a Pre-Inspection is better than doing a home inspection after the offer also know as the Buyer's Inspection.

A pre-inspection is the exact same inspection that takes place usually after an offer to purchase has been made on your home.  There is however a difference on what happens next.

A Big Difference

First there is no immediate rush to get the inspection report in hand and any disagreements settled.  You can stay relaxed, 

... Time is on Your Side

Unlike an inspection made on your home by a buyer.  Now there is a very limited time to get the inspection completed.

This creates a lot on unneeded stress for the buyer, agent and especially for you the seller.

A Better Way

Have your home Pre-Inspected before you list it (or soon after) is a better way because of the additional benefits to you.

Pre-Inspections Make Sense

Basically, because when a reasonable offer to purchase your home is accepted the transaction goes faster and more smoothly.  Not only does a Pre-Inspection help your home sell faster, it may sell for more money and definitely with less headaches and stress.

A Pre-Inspection saves time getting to the closing, it’s better for everyone especially for the seller and even more so if you are under a time crunch to sell and/or move out.

A Pre-Inspection simply creates the best possible situation for everyone.  You, me, buyer, agent and any repair men that get involved in order to maximize the amount of money you put in your pocket when … Your Home Is Sold … It’s a win-win.

That All Makes Perfect Sense.

On the other hand, buyer’s inspections are done at the wrong time! Buyer and seller spend time on negotiations, on price and terms then the inspection takes place and reveals information that may change everything accomplished. So, a buyer’s inspection leaves the door wide open to cause problems because the inspection has revealed more insight on what actually is being bought and sold.

It’s a good business practice to know the condition of your home before the buyer reads about it in their own home inspection report. Right!

Make A Good First Impression

A Pre-Inspection gives you time to correct any flaws so the final inspection report will reflect positively on your home. Information from the Home Inspection needs to be completed before any offer and should be part of the negotiations, not left out until the end.

Negotiations may start over and no one wants the aggravation, added work and stress along with time delays that could cost you money or even the sale of your home. 

The longer it takes to close on your home the more likely something will happen to prevent it.  That’s just how it is. Your home isn’t sold until you walk away from the closing table.  Deals have been canceled because of time delays.

Make Sure Your Home Is Right

That’s why Pre-Inspections/Seller Inspections are better plus it gives needed time to make sure your … Home Is Right …  It gives time to re-evaluate the situation.  Time to let you the seller fix anything that may prevent a good first impression. How valuable is that?

It gives you time to bring in a specialist to evaluate anything that may need repair, how long it is going to take, the cost and if you even want to spend the time and money in making the repairs.  It gives You Time to make these decision without added pressure of time restraints or demands from buyers.

To sum up this section … A Pre-Inspection is Better … because the sale of your home goes faster and smoother.

There Are No Surprises

The buyer now has an inspection report to make them feel more comfortable, confident and help them make an informed decision about the purchase of your property because they know what they’re buying.

A Home Inspection Report in the hands of a potential buyer naturally gives them trust and confidence that your … Home Is Right

That's a Big Deal

Imagine a buyer interested in buying one of two homes that are similar.

The one with the Inspection report already in hand … will sell … while the other one waits for another offer and then a Buyer’s Inspection.

The seller must be thinking “Here we go again.”

Once you decide to list your home, do Yourself a huge favor and  if possible … have your home Pre-Inspected … before you get an offer to purchase, set an appointment with me asap.

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